3 Best 18 inch Wide Microwave Of 2022

Nowadays, The 18 inch wide microwave is one of the best and most popular microwave ovens right now in the market. This kind of microwave is mostly used in small kitchens but to provide high performance as compared to the other microwave ovens.

In fact, in this post, I will also answer some of the questions about microwave ovens. So if you’re interested and want to buy the best 18-inch wide microwave ovens then today you’re in the right place just keep reading.

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List Of 3 Best 18 inch Wide Microwave Of 2022

The Best 18 inch Wide Microwave Reviews+Buying Guide.

Overall Best 18 inch Wide Microwave Oven: The BLACK+DECKER Digital 0.9 cubic Feet.

Best 18 inch Wide Microwave

The Black+Decker digital microwave is the overall best 18-inch microwave right now in the market. It is a very simple and easy-to-use microwave with low wattage power and also low cubic feet capacity.

This microwave oven is more suitable for you if you’re looking for cooking, reheating, and baking purposes. It has a small interior with better cooking performance, a sleek brushed finish door that also opens smoothly, and large and easy-to-use control panels.

It comes with a 2-way glass turntable for reheating and cleaning. However, this microwave will fit your all cooking needs.

Reason People Like to buy:

Now let’s discussed some of the functions and features of this microwave.

It comes with Pre-programmed buttons for popcorn, pizza, vegetables, and more.

It offers you 30-second expressed cooking buttons.

Easy to read control panels+Large and beautiful digital display.

It has an interior light, removable 10.6-inch turntable, and plus child safety lock.

Best Budget 18 inch wide Microwaves: Breville BMO850BSS Stainless steel

Best 18 inch Wide Microwave

This excellent microwave oven from Breville has been designed to cook up fresh food with ease. It features a modern, simplistic but attractive design with an all-in-one cooking system that is perfect for small breakfasts, snacks, and quick meals.

It has a 1200w power output which is enough to heat food quickly and cooks faster than most microwaves on the market. This microwave oven also has a sensor cooking function that automatically adjusts cooking times according to the type of food being cooked so it can be prepared faster.

This microwave oven also comes with an electronic child lock which automatically locks the microwave when it senses that a child is within the cooking area. Along with its great performance, it comes with an attractive price tag to make this microwave oven a great buy for both new and experienced users alike.

Reason People Like to buy:

It comes with Sensors IQ, Power smooth inverter Technology, and also with child safety lock features.

It offers you a 15-inch smart preset, smart cook reheat+defrost.

You can easily use it for small and for a large family.

Normally, the main purpose of this microwave is to cook food fast.

Best Compact 18 inch wide Microwave: SHARP ZSMC1132CS 1000 Watt Countertop Microwave Oven

Best 18 inch Wide Microwave

The microwave oven comes with a full 1.1 cu. ft. interior, so you can cook for the whole family with ease. It’s equipped with a beautiful stainless steel finish that adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

Enjoy the convenience of one-touch express cooking for up to 6 minutes. This versatile appliance also comes with other advanced options like music and voice recognition controls, as well as energy-saving features.

Reason People Like to buy:

It comes with an easy setup+the reliable sensor heating.

You can use it with voice control and also supports a wireless feature.

It offers you a one-touch preset.

Final words:

This was my overall review about 18 inch wide microwave I hope you must enjoy today’s article and this is not enough comments down below if you need further details related to microwave ovens.

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