[Top 3] Epson DTF Printer of 2022 ( Direct to Film Printers)

If you’re reading this, that means you’re searching for the top-quality Epson DTF Printer on the market. We know very well that Epson is a company that makes a variety of printers which are very useful for many people to hold their business and house also.

Nowadays Epson stops making the disc printer because their inject printer has revolutionized. They have a lot of numbers of inkjet printers that can they used for any purpose like office work, business work, and households.

What is the best Epson DTF Printer?

Epson has updated many dtf printers in 2022 which are given below!

In this guide, we’re going to tell you about the Best dtf Epson printers that help you with daily basis needs. I hope you really like to read my post because many people got confused to choose the best company printers according to their desires.

Once again Epson is one of the best companies that produced the best type of printers according to the desires of common people. So let’s move towards the topic, this may really help you to choose the best printers according to your daily basis desires.

Here are the top 3 Epson Dtf printers!

#1 Overall Top Epson Printer- Ecotank Pro ET-5850 Printer

In the best Epson printers we have also tested the Epson eco tank et-5850, this model also has four big tanks of ink with which you can refill your ink bottles again and again.

Because these ink tanks hold enough ink and with the help of these tanks you can print many pages before you need to refill them, there is no need to buy ink bottles.

If you don’t know how to refill these tanks again, so no need to worry because Epson is one of the best companies that have very easy access to refill their tanks again. Another best feature is

that their ink bottles are not very expensive. Its printing speed is very good as it can print 25 black or color pages in a minute. If it is sleep it takes very little time to wake up.

This printer scanner includes an automatic document feeder, that’s mean no need to scan for a long time, it can scan multi-long pages of the document very fast.

Key Features!

·         It has a wireless connecting option with Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

·         It has the best feature that you can print documents with the help of your smartphone.

·         It has many identical features and its printing yield is very high.

·         Its slower printing speed is that it can print 8 color and 14 black pages in a minute.

·         It has a very charming white and black color.

·         It is small and also very useful for homes and offices.

#2 Budget-Friendly Epson DTF Printer- Workforce Pro WF-4830

If you have a modest range in picking an Epson printer, then I want to tell you to choose the Epson workforce pro. It is an inkjet model printer.

It has the biggest benefit is that it has ink cartridges instead of an ink tank. It has a wise printing ability, and also this model has good performance. It shows text in the document very sharp, photos show details.

It can print black documents but its printing speed is slow with color documents. It is good enough that it can print pages double side without any key. Many printers need pages to reinsert but with this model no need to reinsert the page. It can use to print large print jobs in meantime.

As compared to other kinds of printers its cartridges are very cheap and we can afford them very easily

Key Features!

·         It has a touch Display which is very easy to use.

·         It can print 18 pages in a minute.

·         Its paper holding tray is large enough that it can hold up to 500 pages in its tray.

·         It has optical recognition feature.

·         It has many connectivity options with external storage support.

· Its printing ability is high that it can print both sides of a page with no need to reinsert the page again.

#3 Epson DTF Printer For Beginners-EcoTank Photo ET-8550

If you want to have the business of hard printing copies and also want to print photos then I suggest you choose EcoTank ET-8550, It has been tested and is also best for printing photos.

You can also use in this printer gray or black photo ink and many more color, it allow you to produce very clear and colorful photos.

Its printing speed is fast enough that it can print out 4’’x 6’’ photos in a minute, it can support different sizes of photos up to 13’’x 19’’ which is an unbelievable size to print out as it can print poster sizes very easily.

Many people are worried about their ink but no need to be worried about their ink because their ink tank is very big and also its ink is very cheap. Its page printing yield is very good.

Key Features!

·         It has the ability to print out detailed and colorful photos.

·         Its refilled tank can print out thousands of prints.

·         It has a low cost on one print.

·         It can print photos as borderless up to 13’’x 19’’.

·         It has a super tank to refill the ink tank.

·         It is also wireless

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