[Top 3] L1800 DTF Printer Of 2022- Top Picks+Reviews

Many people face challenges in choosing the l1800 dtf printer before starting a business, which is suitable for their business.

If you are reading this post then you don’t need to worry because you are at the right place. I’ll help you find the best l1800 dtf printer in the market that is suitable for your business.

I hope you really like reading my post because we provide you with much information which is helping you to choose the best printer in the market.

What is the L1800 DTF Printer?

Here are some best DTF printers please scroll down to choose the best one.

1:- L1800 DTF Transfer printer

2:- L1800 A3 DTF printer

3:- L805 DTF transfer printer

So let’s started with the main topic is the Top 3 L1800 DTF printers.

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#1:- L1800 DTF Transfer Printer

THE L1800 DTF transfer printer is a good printer that is introduced by PUNEHOD Company. It is suitable for fabric film. When this printer starts it produces heat that melts the powder on the film and then combines it with ink later.

It gives an excellent color equally on dark and bright colors without lifting any ink bleeds. So if you are finding an excellent faster and better result giver printer for your business then I suggest you choose this one because this is according t your needs. 


   It has the best feature is that it can roll paper into the feeder automatically that minimize the paper size according to the needs as compared to other printers.

·         This printer is designated as an oven and works on the oven function like it can heat up sheets up to 300-420mm

·         It is based on powerful technology that has the ability to adhere the ink equally with the different fabrics.

#2:- L1800 A3 DTF Printer

THE A3 DTF printer is an amazing printer that is used to print T-shirts and pants also. Like a transfer printer, it can equally give a good result on both light and dark color fabrics also.

The same transfer printer heats up the powder to melt on the PET film and later combines it with ink.

If you have the desire to achieve a good result on photos then I suggest you must look at this model before buying other printers. Because this product is according to your basic business needs.


  It has a great feature in that it works on all kinds of fabrics, on shoes, hats, and many more.

·         Another feature of this product is that it has an easy setting and you can pour the ink with the help of the setting.

·         It is compatible with computers and comes with AcropRip 9.0 software that provides three printing options also.

#3:- L1800 DTF Transfer printer By PLK brand

This model is modified with advanced technology that has the features of all DTF transfer printers Produced by the PLK brand. It is good because it supports sheets and films also so buy this product within or without the feeder.

This product directly transfers the image on any fabric product because it works on the heat press. Due to these features, this is more fabulous than a DTG printer. It has unique features and excellent performance.

This product offers a wide range of printing opportunities it can print sheets, T-shirts, Bags, hats, shoes, and much more.


What is best DTG or L1800 DTF printer?

Both direct-to-film or DTF and direct-to-garment printers are used in fabrics industries and must be similar or alternative.

DTG Features

·         It requires pretreatment

·         It could transfer images directly without any medium.

·         This product only use on cotton fabrics

·         It has a slow printing speed.

DTF Features

·         It does not require pretreatment

·         It transfer image by using PET films otherwise it can’t transfer the image

·         It is suitable for any variety of fabrics.

·         Its printing speed is very fast as compared to DTG.

Is it true that DTF printers are durable?

Yes, it is true that DTF printers are durable. All of this product credit goes to adhesive power that binds very strictly between the dye and substrate to ensure durability. If you look with proper maintenance, it could long last.

Can we use cotton in DTF instead of DTG printers?

Yes, DTF can be applied on cotton easily as it has a wide area of application, including, Nylon, Leather, polyester blends light and dark fabrics.

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